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Certified Midwife Bridging Program (Post Basic). The certified Midwives Bridging program is designed as a continue/ carrier ladder program for certified midwives to become professional midwives. This program is designed to help a certified midwife have better skills and knowledge which can enable the midwife to enroll in a granting institution. This is a three semesters program
Licensed Practical Nursing Program [LPN] (Post Basic). The   Licensed Practical Nursing Program is designed as a continue/carrier ladder program for LPNs to began professional nurses. This is a two semesters' program designed for LPN to be  Registered Nurses. This is a key in LPN obtaining a college education.
Medical Laboratory Technology Program (Basic). This program is a six semesters program teaching medical laboratory technologist to be able to diagnose diseases. Students from this program are qualified to work in any medical laboratory. Most graduates from our program are seen at every level of the health care system where laboratory work is done, starting from rural areas to the reference laboratory of Liberia
Professional Midwifery Program (Basic). The professional midwifery program prepared midwives who are knowledgeable in the care and management of pregnant women and neonates. Their knowledge and skills our students obtained can make these midwives work in other areas of the health care system outside of their midwifery field. Our school is strategically located with students having very good exposure because of its connection with the county's referral hospital (Phebe Hospital) which is just a few minutes' walk from the school or dormitories. Our skill laboratory is one of the best in the republic.
Nurse Midwifery (Post Basic). This is a post-basic two semesters course that gives the registered nurse advanced knowledge and skills in midwifery. Before enrolling in this program you should be licensed and be a registered nurse with at least two years of working experience. Upon graduation from this program, the nurse-midwifery is able to work in various capacities ranging from working in the labor ward, antenatal clinic, to an administrative position. Our Nurse-Midwifery program is the only nurse-midwifery program in Liberia. Most of our graduates are in administration or are instructors teaching midwifery across the country.