Our History

The Phebe Hospital & School of Nursing, about 112 miles away from Monrovia was originally a 62-bed hospital being supported by the Lutheran, Episcopal, and the Methodist Churches.  The Liberian Government has been serving as a subsidizing agent since 1973.  This came to a standstill since the civil war in 1989.  The institution has relied purely on donor’s assistance.

The first Phebe Hospital was at Muhlemburg in 1921 but was closed down in 1946 with a plan of relocating it.  It was first moved to Zorzor.  Later, it was relocated in Bong County.  Phebe opened its doors to patients in 1965.

In March 1965, Phebe Hospital and Cuttington University College cooperated to initiate a four-year Nursing Program, leading to a bachelor Degree.

The School of Practical Nursing and Midwifery were started at Phebe in 1966, followed by the School of Laboratory Technology in 1967 and the School of Operating room in 1968.  The School of Nurse-Midwifery started in 1967 and the School of anesthesia in 1975.

The standard of the school was then raised to RN level, which stared in September 2001.

At present the Training Programs consist of the following programs: